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10 Strategic Questions to Ask on a Job Interview

  1. How would you describe the individuals who are successful in this position? What qualities or characteristics distinguish those individuals?

  2. Please share with me some details about the department’s or organization’s culture.

  3. I am committed to working hard and successfully demonstrating my legal skills and abilities. Where will my opportunities lie within your firm over the next five years?

  4. How will my performance be evaluated, how often, and by whom?

  5. What does your company do to contribute to its employees’ professional development?

  6. What is your firm’s management style and what type of employee thrives within it?

  7. What are the greatest challenges of this position?

  8. Recently I read an article in (publication) that discussed (i.e. recent regulation, appellate decision, change in court rules). How has your organization addressed the issue, and how will it affect your firm directly? (The objective of this type of question is to demonstrate your awareness of current events that will affect the prospective employer and that you have done your homework).

  9. What is the next step in the process?

  10. At this point, do you have any concerns as to whether I would be a suitable fit for this position? If so, I would like to provide you with additional information that I hope would eliminate any doubt in your mind as to whether I would be an appropriate match for your opening. I firmly believe that I am a strong fit and could make a valuable contribution to your team.
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